Free Tools for Your Creations

Download some fun texture files from my day of texture hunting after the 2013 Erie Half Marathon at Presque Isle. (Bet you’ll appreciate my running addiction now!)

Download 30 retro color palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange format from my owl-a-day challenge.
Go get your retro on!

Free Printable Downloads

Retro Valentine’s Day Cards
I needed a break from my crazy schedule, so I made a few Valentine’s Day cards. Beagles, Lions, & Owls–Why not?
Download your cards here.
Retro Sealife Calendar
Download your calendar here.
Owl Hold That Page Corner Bookmark
A fun craft for owl lovers.
Printable Owl Gift Tags
Download your owl gift tags here.
Printable Retro Recipe Cards
Download your atomic recipe cards here.

Trail! (Links to some seriously awesome inspiration)

You know how Doug the Talking Dog (Disney’s Up) loses his mind when someone yells “Squirrel!”? Well, that kind of happens to me when someone says trail…or when I see a new trail. A 4-hour drive home once took 8 hours because I happened to notice a few new trails along the way. Thank goodness for my emergency running bag, right?! (Yeah, that’s a thing.)

Ask my sister-in-law what happens when I’m driving and someone yells “Trail!”—She did that once. I slammed on the brakes out of absolute excitement. (Oops!) Luckily, it was early and no one else was on the road.

Okay, I hear ya. Enough about running, right? Without further ado, here is my list of the very best online “Trails” for designers:

Creative Pep Talk

Glitschka Studios

Illustration Age

Illustration Friday

Jim Krause Design

Owl a Day

Nicholas J. Nawroth

Stefan Mumaw

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

More to come…